Tiffany Turner, one half of Joy Studios, has been an exercise junkie for her whole life. From step aerobics to running or kickboxing, it all feels good. She has instructed or directed fitness for the last five years in one way or another, and been a big part of the fitness development for Clarkston Hot Yoga/Latitude 42 for the last several years. It’s a necessary vice for the fast track of four kids and a hectic schedule. Teaching a few Joy Studios classes in addition to the fitness down at Latitude 42 is going to make things all the more awesome!

Hannah Cornell-Schroeder is the other half of the Joy Studios duo. She and Tiffany share a love for Titos Vodka and they both have lots of kids (Hannah’s got 5 and Tiffany has 4!), but when it comes to fitness their stories are very different. Hannah is a yoga girl at heart, but has always struggled to carve out the time and commitment for a regular exercise program. So she decided a great way to do that would be to partner up with Tiffany in a fitness biz! Hannah has visited several spin studios in the past and loves how efficient the workout can be, but fell in love with the RealRyder bikes and the energy in the classes. She loves being able to work out in the dark at her own pace to some great music. Her day job and heart belong at Soothe Your Soul, but she is a multi-passionate girl who is ready for her next business adventure.