Tiffany Turnerone half of Joy Studios, has been an exercise junkie for her whole life. From step aerobics to running or kickboxing, it all feels good. She has instructed or directed fitness for years, with youth training, athletic training, small group training, large group training and even special events for bridal parties, Lululemon, and specialized clients.  Certifications in Pound Fit, Kettlebell, Barre, Real Ryder Cycle, Tabata, Group Fitness and Functional Training all contribute to unique and fun classes that are never repeated.  Although many believe exercise to be a chore, she believes that the end goal should be to find JOY in movement, and to feel GOOD.  Exercise that gets boring never lasts!  At Joy Studios, we want you to find out what exercise means to you.  Tiffany’s passion for the combination of cycle, fitness, and yoga are carried out in the Joy Studios vision and have been very well received!  Forget weight loss and your to-do checklist- find a way to make your movement something you look forward to with our community!  Lots of movement helps with the busy days filled with kids and competitive sports…along with a cocktail or glass of wine!

Hannah Cornell-Schroeder is the other half of the Joy Studios duo. She and Tiffany share a love for Titos Vodka and they both have lots of kids (Hannah’s got 5 and Tiffany has 4!), but when it comes to fitness their stories are very different. Hannah is a yoga girl at heart, but also loves a great spin class. She is a certified Real Ryder Instructor but prefers to stay on the student side when it comes to classes and she loves to rock out the business side of the Joy operation. She approaches fitness with the same attitude that she uses in her everyday life, it needs to nourish her mind, body & soul and it needs to bring JOY! So, she decided a great way to do that and bring it to her hometown of Oxford would be to partner up with her super joyful friend, Tiffany in a fitness biz! Hannah is already a successful Oxford area entrepreneur. She has owned Soothe Your Soul for the last 10 years, but she is a multi-passionate girl who is ready for her next business adventure. You can find her any given day at Joy Studios and Soothe Your Soul planning her next business adventure, coaching others to pursue their best life, teaching Reiki Classes and whipping up essential oil blends to make everything in life more Joyful and Soul Soothing.