Specialty fitness for strength, flexibility, balance & stamina.

Imagine going to a class that blends everything you love about a workout into 1 hour. You are surrounded by energetic people in a JOYful atmosphere where your teacher knows you by name, meets you where you are and pushes you to be your personal best. The music is great and for an hour you are pushed to your limit in a unique blend of fun, intensity and camaraderie (and maybe a little group pain). Our Joy Fitness experience is intimate, fun, intense and you come out knowing you performed at your peak with a little bit of euphoria you can carry with you for the rest of your day.

Bring a mat, water and work out shoes to each class. Each class will start with a 5-minute warm-up and end with a 5-minute cool down. The intensity level is up to you. We encourage sweat, fun and a sense of belonging.

Class Descriptions

  • Pound & PUNCH

    Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

    Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out!

    This class mixes with kickboxing sets. Using light or no weights, the body is taken through a series of jabs, hooks, kicks and lunges for an all-over burn.  The class goes by quickly with fun music, and a great focus on core and arms.

    This can be done barefoot or with sneakers. Please bring a mat and reserve your spot online.

  • JOYFit Pilates

    We believe in developing a strong core – flat abdominals and a strong back. Pilates exercises develop a strong “core,” or center of the body.  In our version of JOYFit Pilates, we mix a series of  moves that are core based- with a fun twist! This can include bands, light weights, planks, kickboxing moves, and Pilates balls. Each focus is done for the length of one song- and the music is current, upbeat and energetic!  This class is for all fitness levels and can be modified. Can be done barefoot or with sneakers. Bring a mat and reserve your spot!

  • Balance/Build/Burn

    This class utilizes bands, weights and Bosu Balls for a unique set of exercises that provide strength, balance and a cardio burn.

    Bosu Balls challenge your center of gravity, which engages your stabilizing muscles. This builds core strength that can help prevent injury, improve back health, and promote good posture.  This is unique in the continuing metabolism boost long after the workout is over.  Bands are used as no-load strength training, which offers a workout that is MORE efficient in terms of elasticity, resistance, versatility, and efficiency.  Bands allow for a bigger, more fluid range of motion without overloading the muscles and causing less inflammation.

    All levels welcome. Please bring sneakers and a mat for ab work. Reserve your spot online ahead of time.

  • Bosu Box

    In this class, isometric movements help isolate specific muscles, and more reps with smaller movements, which fatigue your muscles in a different way. These higher-rep, low-weight exercises target slow-twitch muscles, which help increase endurance and chisels muscles in the upper arms, back, and obliques. Doing these moves with the Bosu Ball engages the core and builds balance and all over strength.  This type of training is unlike any other and is especially effective in feeling centered and strong.  We incorporate small boxing moves and kicks, which also help tighten and tone the upper body and core; the lower body is moving for the cardio burn.

    This class is for all fitness levels; Different modalities can include bands, small balls, and tiny weights for resistance. This class is done barefoot or with sneakers. Bring a mat and save your spot- this is one of our most popular classes!

  • JOYFit HIIT 60

    This class is a fun wild card! It can use various sets to increase strength, stamina and rev your metabolism! You never know what fun tricks will be used-from medicine balls/kettle bells/weights–>

    And ALWAYS bands!

    Bands allow for a bigger, more fluid range of motion, and build strength without overloading muscles and creating inflammation.

    Bring a mat for abs and core work and sneakers and reserve your spot online ahead of time!

  • Swing & Surge

    We can efficiently get two awesome things done during this superstar class—> use kettlebells to strengthen the abs, arms, obliques and back- while mixing in some Rounds of HIIT. Each class is different and offers fun new challenges that improve posture, add strength and tighten the core. Kettlebell is proven to be a modality that is most efficient in strengthening the core and tightening the middle; as well as offering a very efficient calorie burn that lasts long after your workout!  Please bring clean sneakers, water, and a mat and reserve your spot online.  Available to all fitness levels; please let instructor know if you are new to kettlebell.


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