Athlete Group Training

Each Team Training can be customized to the specific needs of the sport- from agility to strength to endurance/stamina.  Here are some examples we are currently using with athletes:

  • Cycle and core strength
  • Flexibility and balance in yoga
  • Cardio stamina and agility
  • Cardio plus flexibility
  • Balance and stabilizing muscles in Bosu Training
  • Interval Training for endurance

Your team can schedule a day each week to meet and do these workouts together, which is a great- team building activity. Coaches are welcome to participate.

Each class is scheduled between 3:30 and 5pm and lasts 45 minutes. We need 10 athletes to participate in the program, which goes for 8 weeks at a time. Price per student is $5/class and coaches are free.

Athletes over 13 can participate in our group classes on their own as well.

Kids’ Fitness offered on Saturdays at 10 am